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Online Cremation Arrangements

We offer a discounted online direct cremation package.  We are a full service family owned funeral home, and while our online rates are discounted, the services are done the traditional way cremations have been handled by our funeral home for years.

When someone passes away, we will make a dedicated trip to the place of death and bring them to our funeral home.  Once the paperwork, authorizations and legal requirements are completed we will transport them to the crematory for cremation.  Dedicated individual transportation is provided for each person at every step of the way.  They will never be transferred or carpooled with other folks that have passed away.

Our online direct cremations start at $2,200.00 and packages increase from there, this is a discount from our General Price List.  We recommend our online services for simple cremation services.

For more complicated funerals, like those involving a Mass, religious services, or burial of cremated remains, please call us to make an appointment with a licensed funeral director to go over all the details.

Online Cremation Process:

Before beginning, this process is for someone who has passed away.  If the person has passed away at a hospital please proceed with step one, if you do not hear from us within a few hours, please call 978-452-6361

If the person has passed away at a residence or at a nursing home, and immediate transfer is needed, please call us at 978-452-6361, and then proceed with step one.

Step one:    After reading this page, click the large purple button at the bottom of the page. Fill out the form, include all requested information, if something is unknown, please enter “unknown”

Step Two:   This information will be emailed to us, and reviewed, and you will be emailed forms that require signature.  There are three ways to return the signed forms to us

  •       Print the forms, sign them, and then scan them and email them back.
  •       Print the forms, sign them, and then take photos of them, and email us the  photos, then mail us the originals.
  •       Sign them electronically with a tablet, or other software.


It is not necessary to wait for the email before proceeding to step 3.


Step Three: After submission, you will be redirected to packages page, select the desired package along with additional options and make the payment.

Please call any time with any questions.  978-452-6361

As required by law, below is our General Price List, and a list of legal disclosures that must be made to everyone that plans a cremation or burial.

General Price List (click here to download)

We must tell every family

1. The law does not require embalming except in certain special cases.

2. Neither the embalming process, any casket or burial product prevents decomposition.

3. The law does not require the purchase of a casket for direct cremation, nor an outer burial container for the cemetery.

4. The cost of a cash advanced item may be different based on volume or cash discounts or other professional trade customs. (This usually only applies to newspaper notices/obituaries)

5. All prices reviewed today are subject to inflation and regulation and are subject to change without notice.

6. All service schedules are subject to change. (i.e. Newspapers, Clergy, Church schedule/rules, Death Certificate completion and acceptance, Municipal Permits Medical Examiner, Doctor, City/Town, Cemetery/Crematory, etc.)

7. I understand any refunds will be made to the Estate of or the commonwealth of Massachusetts (This generally only applies to prepaid funerals)